Tag: PC


  • Harann

    Wexter the Red and his Bride Maria the Black and their adventuring party raided a necromancer’s encampment and found a young Dragon Born female about to be sacrificed. The necromancer had been kidnapping sentients and leading them to an area outside the …

  • Vaquil

    Vaquil served in the [[Wetbank | Wetbank]] military, as an interrogator for a squad of special forces. His group was tasked with infiltrating a cabal of [[Grollace | Grollace]] wizards who had somehow summoned and bound the archfey Latharna Mór, coercing …

  • Shirah

    A child of a drow noble family that was being prepped for the church of Lolth, She ran away and joined a back water part of the Drow army, Years later she quit the army because they denied her a challenge after she drank a whole bottle of Dwarven Fire Ale …

  • Traf

    Traf is a dim-wited Goliath whose tribe sent him down to the Iron Valley to "spy" on the peoples there.