Session Five

  • Vaquil was the sole survivor from last session, and we began with his solo trek from the Burial Mound of the Olde Kings back to Wetbank.
  • There he was approached by a concerned Turin, who reminded him that the window of opportunity to rescue Kethra from Castle Ironskin was closing.
  • Turin introduced two new PCs, Traf the Goliath Barbarian, and Thamor the Elf Rogue, associates of the Black Daggers who Turin wanted to join the mission.
  • Traf promptly issued a challenge to anyone in the bar to a wrestling match. A female Drow Cleric named Shirah (another new PC) jumped at the chance, and the two fought a pitched battle. Traf was victorious, Vaquil and Thamor won some coin betting on the match, and Harann nursed the battered Shirah back to conciousness.
  • Harann then visited the Temple of Dallis, Patron God of Adventuring. She left her elf-finger necklace that had been pointing northwest with the priest, who promised to have it evaluated.
  • After a night’s rest, the group decided to make their way north, two day’s march, to try and secure Kethra’s rescue from Castle Ironskin.
  • During the first day of travel they met a secluded group of bald elves, worshipers of the Goddess Lisnara. A few of the PCs drank from the Waters of Lisnara and received temporary hit points after making a donation.
  • By nightfall of the second day of travel, they reached the site of Castle Ironskin, and first came upon a small supporting village. They met a cold reception from the village Marshall, and were ultimately denied lodging in the village.
  • They trudged onward, toward the castle.
  • Ambushed by 4 bandits, they fought against them in the woods, defeating them easily enough.
  • Reaching the castle, they found an odd configuration of watch towers and outer parapets.
  • Shirah, surrounded by Mage Armor, boldly strode toward the castle gates, and was promptly fired upon by crossbowmen in the towers, who shouted an alarm.
  • The resulting battle saw most of the PCs break down two doors to get into the towers.
  • The Rogue, Thamor, hung back, but unfortunately, the guard captain, who had stepped out of a nearby cottage with a sleepy maiden, engaged him, striking him down with two mighty war hammer blows.
  • The Goliath Traf recklessly flung himself off the tower, onto the bandits on the parapet, then flung himself off the parapet onto a bandit below, killing him.
  • Some peasants proceeded to loot the body of the fallen Thamor. Traf gave chase!
  • Traf ultimately caught the fleeing peasants, slaughtering them, and returning Thamor’s gear, but it was too late, Thamor had perished from his wounds.
  • After a lengthy battle in the towers, the bandit captain was eventually defeated, after Shiraz nearly lost her life.


Glitch Glitch

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