A cluster of high, multi-leveled wooden towers lies nestled along the riverbank, within earshot of the dense Circle Woods. Wetbank carpenters are renowned among the realms, and their architectural achievements in log housing is unsurpassed. Legend has it that a Fae Circle once existed in a secret place in the Circle Woods, and an expedition of Eladrin explorers founded Wetbank. For some reason, the Circle vanished, leaving the Eladrin stranded in this world. Wetbank’s ruler, the Lady Algata, is a descendant of those Eladrin, and although the population is now mostly Human, Eladrin are the second most common people here.

Known Districts and Places

Dwarf Quarter
A small area of dense stone tenements, in stark contrast to the wooden construction in the rest of Wetbank.

Emerald Palace and Gardens
Cordoned off with an iron fence, this is where the eladrin nobility dwell.

Holy District
Home to a variety of temples and shrines.

Red Bottom District
A district of vice, drunks, and prostitution.

Warehouse District
The streets and back alleys are known to be patrolled by the Black Daggers.

  • Flooded Keg Tavern and Inn


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