• Dragonborn Sorcerer (Favored Soul of Dallis)
  • Adventurer Background
  • Level 2

Wexter the Red and his Bride Maria the Black and their adventuring party raided a necromancer’s encampment and found a young Dragon Born female about to be sacrificed. The necromancer had been kidnapping sentients and leading them to an area outside the Iron Valley.The citadel of the black cult was built of a pure alabaster and the full company of warriors hired like the Red and Black Company to lead this raid to purge the evil from their land few outside the Red and Black company walked away to live.

The glorious battle to stop the birth of a new Lich. The child who said its name was “Harann” was taken in with the company of the RED and BLACK. The Child had a strange necklace in her possession of four mummified fingers. At her age she did not remember where the fingers came from. The necromancers in the cult that survived said the child had the fingers with her before.Maria the Black decided they were going to keep the kid for a while to see if they could find any Dragonborn clan that reported the child as missing. They also worked to care for Harann while they tried to sort out the matters of her proper family.

The Wizard and Cleric provided her an education in the bookish way of things. The Cleric spent much time educating the young girl in the ways of his gods despite the groaning of the other members of the party. When she was 8 she started working as a page for the Paladin, training in some of basic skills needed to live the life of an adventurer as did the Rouge. By the time Harann (Or the Kid as she was known) was 12 they gave up on finding the Kid’s home.

They made their way into the Iron Valley from the east and started to work through the valley. The Kid was learning from “Mom and Dad” the business. They came to a shrine to Soriah (uncommon in the Iron Valley Region) on her 16th birthday to celebrate a festival. There she met a young shepherd boy. The two of them hit it off and she was deeply and profoundly charming. He talked to her about his family and she about hers.

As he charmed and seduced her he spoke into her ear. As he did that her body and soul were altered. The young man smiled and walked away. “I like you.” He said with a smile. “You are my champion. I am giving you power to serve me. Serve me well and I will give you more.” She walked away dazed and confused. She walked away from the glade her family distraught as well as the priest of the shrine. What she thought was a few hours had in actuality been several months.

The company voted, and while they all had an affinity for the kid the fact she brought the attention of a god to herself was to much. Even the Cleric, who told her the myths of the gods was troubled by the story she told. He believed her veracity but was concerned that Dallis had chosen her. She was given some gear and was sent on her way to earn her fortune in the Iron Valley. Her Patron has not spoken to her yet or given her more wisdom. The Cleric’s last word to her. “The Gods view us all as special, but a god views you as more special then other humans. You should be curious why.”
Harann goes to an uncomfortable and smelly sleep. Cash is tight and she needs to budget her money till she makes a pay day enough after buying the map to be able to do anything other then afford her rent. She takes a sleep on her bed. Sore from injuries, smelling of sewage, and frustrated that the pay day is another few days away likely. She wonders if Mom and Dad went through this sort of thing when they got started.

As she falls into sleep her mind drifts beyond its normal place in her body and drifts toward the place dreams go. Dreams however go to a realm where the gods have their own natural and affirmative reach. As she awoke she was in a recollection of that first time she met Dallis. His face smiled brightly as she entered the dreaming.

“I must say you are doing quite satisfactory with the task I have given you. Granted you have started in a lower place than I initially thought you would what a great epic and story will your journey be because of that.” He went and got her some water to drink and formed a basin for her to bathe in. “Take your time champion we have matters to discuss.”

He gives her time to purify herself before she returned to his presence. Her clothes in the dream were likewise purified and cleaned. She had a nice sofa to recline on as he played a lyre. “Other gods said I was crazy to send a champion outside of the pillars of the known world to our people. But you are showing the promise of my wisdom. You take command of a group of men well, I am sure had your parents not abandoned you that they would take pride in your skills. Mayhaps someday they will have a chance to see it.”

He strummed the lyre again. “You do well facing challenges others in your lot would not. Men born to farm have never crawled a dungeon but you crawled a dungeon when you were just learning to walk. While you have a better sense of the danger of the situations you face I would be displeased if you take an unwanted risk.” His face takes a slight glare. “I placed value in you, and I do not want that value cast aside foolishly.” He smiles with a resolute smile. “You please me and I would hate to lose the pleasure of your service to me.”

He kisses her forehead, with that kiss her mind fills with sacred and arcane knowledge. “You are starting on the path I need you to walk. As you get closer to the path we will talk more.”


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