Session Two

  • Attana and Harann meet up with Radgar and Vaquil in Flooded Keg, recount to them their exploits in the sewers.
  • A few rounds of dragon poker are played (note – I felt that my new gambling system was a bit clunky and I’ve significantly streamlined it for next time).
  • Harann sat out the last round, and she was approached by Gasco, who expressed doubt about Attana being left alone with the sewer treasure.
  • Harann pressed to get access to Gasco’s late-father’s diary, and Gasco finally agreed to give her the diary after he receives his share of the loot.
  • PCs re-enter the sewers after paying a small bribe to two guards.
  • Reaching the secret door, they hear footsteps coming up from the way they came.
  • They spot two figures approaching, one bearing a torch, and attack.
  • They kill one of the men quickly, as the other turns to flee he’s set upon by 3 giant frogs and devoured.
  • The party dispatches the frogs, suffering serious harm in the process.
  • Retrieving one of his thrown hand axes, Radgar is struck down by a falling stone block, knocked unconscious.
  • The party carries Radgar back to the secret door room.
  • A quick encounter with a rat swarm ends with Attana killing the swarm with some rat poison.
  • Attana disables an arrow trap from the secret door and opens it.
  • They find four men armed with scimitars at a table playing cards.
  • Some quick talking keeps the men from attacking outright. One goes into a back room.
  • He emerges with a mysterious dwarf woman, whom Harann recognizes as another Favored Soul, and her thug bodyguard.
  • They exchange some brusque parlay, and wind up trading a speed potion, jar of green slime, and a nice dwarf flagon, for a much needed healing potion.
  • While this is going on, Vaquil notes the face drawn on the far wall, its eyes pointing down tot the left, and the “X” carved into a spot on the floor.
  • With Radgar back on his feet, they leave the sewers again, knowing that the object of their quest is most likely hidden in the room that’s serving as some kind of base for the dwarf woman and her followers.


Glitch Glitch

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