Session Three

  • Harann, Atanna, and Vaquil meet up with Tyos, a secretive Drow Bard, and Gilmesh, a pretty-boy Human Paladin at the Flooded Keg.
  • The Flooded Keg is more empty than usual. The party learns it’s because another tavern, the Dancing Dwarf, is selling premium Mulekick Ale for half normal price.
  • Harann catches Flamson chatting with another adventuring group about selling his map, and confronts them. She learns that Flamson has “misplaced” part of the map, and want a couple more days to find the missing piece.
  • Harann, Atanna, Gilmesh, and Tyos gamble a few rounds. A mysterious elderly Drow man named Sil-gah wins most of the coin that game.
  • Atanna is caught cheating again and chastised by Turin, the Dwarf proprietor.
  • Just then a group of Eladrin Phoenix Knights barge in with a strange Eladrin old woman with white eyes and hair.
  • The woman uses her finger as a dowsing rod, walks in slowly, stops at Vaquil and snorts, then continues to the back of the bar, pointing at a panicky looking man, and says “that’s him”.
  • The Phoenix Knights drag the man out, leaving the Flooded Keg.
  • Tyos learns that the man was accused of burglarizing the Emerald Palace and Gardens area, where the Eladrin noble dwell.
  • Turin has a side chat with Atanna, has a job for her and her group. Rescue an Eladrin noble woman who’s being held in a castle by a rival force. They have a week or so to consider the offer.
  • Gasco gives his father’s diary to Harann, on the condition that they let him come on the next sewer expedition.
  • They set off that night, back into the sewers. An uneventful passage leads them back to the secret door.
  • Trying to open the secret door, they find it chained from the inside. At that point, Madame Gawn and her 4 bandits open the other door, trying to flank the intruders, but confront Gilmesh, Tyos, and Vaquil, who were making their way to that door.
  • Gilmesh is KO’ed three times by Madame Gawn’s magic missiles, but Tyos is able to bring him back up twice, and stabilizes the poor Paladin the third time.
  • Harann eventually makes her way around, killing Madame Gawn with magic missiles of her own.
  • The remaining 2 bandits surrender at that point, but Vaquil, wanting to get some use out of his Armor of Agathys, attacks them nonetheless, wielding two hand axes. Vaquil brutally slaughters the unarmed bandits.
  • The PCs find the hidden cache of trinkets, estimating their value to be about 200 silver.
  • Exploring through the other door, they find 9 casks of Mulekick Ale, and a ledger revealing a smuggling operation. Mulekick Ale smuggled in from Harak Galgak and sold to the Dancing Dwarf Inn.
  • The PCs also find a chamber that leads to an underground river, with a rowboat tied up.
  • They use the rowboat to get the ale casks back to the sewer entrance, eventually getting them all to the surface, where Tyos is waiting with his mule.
  • They sell the ale to Turin at the Flooded Keg (450 silver), and also negotiate for a couple months free room and board.


Glitch Glitch

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