Session Six

  • Posse forming in village below, PCs have limited time to do what they will at Nostromos fortress after having defeated its defenders.
  • Vaquil explores the roof, finding a glass skylight. Breaks it, bur for the life of him cannot see anything below, it’s just too dark and he has no light source.
  • Traf and Shirah interrogate the maiden, force her to show them where the prison cells are.
  • Harann finds set of master keys. They release Kethra, the eladrin noble that they were tasked to find, as well as a wood elf thief named Vax, and a lame dwarf from Harak Galgak.
  • The PCs set fire to the first floor of the fortress, then take the remaining three horses and make their escape back to Wetbank.
  • The following day, Turin takes the PCs to the docks, and introduces them to another senior member of the Black Daggers, a woman named Kelly Seely.
  • They talk about a rogue member of the Black Daggers, a half-orc named Lugbub Manbreaker. He’s been acting out of turn. Kelly says he needs to be “put down like the animal that he is.”
  • Turin agreed to pay the PCs 1,000 silver for doing the job.
  • Lugbub and his crew are holed up in a cheesemonger’s shop that he’s appropriated, after killing its owner for failing to pay unauthorized protection money.
  • Vax tries to get a sneak peek in the window, but is immediately noticed.
  • The rest of the party enters the shop, and a battle soon ensues.
  • After Harann goes down, Lugbug is killed and his remaining crew surrender.
  • Turin makes good on his promise and awards the PCs the 1,000 silver.


Glitch Glitch

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