Session One

• Related story of map to ancient Ateri Temple/Tomb, party didn’t have enough to buy the map.
• Related story about rat catcher’s cache of trinkets in sewer.
• Some gambling happened in the Flooded Keg.
• Gilliam and Attana cheated, Attana got caught but managed to bolt out and escape.
• Gilliam successfully scooped up the last pot, Attana got blamed.
• The party enters the “Red Bottom” district of Wetbank, drunks and prostitutes.
• They descend the sewers, but soon realize they left their lantern in the room. Alibaba has torches.
• They read the corridor to the ghoul pool, and Attana reads “Danger” in Thieves Cant. They proceed anyway.
• One ghoul confronts Gilliam. He is not surprised and it is quickly dispatched, but Alibaba loses a hand axe to the water.
• Alibaba investigates the bundle at the end of the chamber, when another ghoul claws and paralyzes her.
• The second ghoul is killed, and the party recovers nothing of value.
• They continue exploring, killing 4 giant rats.
• Shortly thereafter Gilliam successfully waves off two bouts of fever.
• They come to the Juiblex cultists’ chamber, sneaking up on them.
• Attana distracts the cultists by firing an arrow into the corner.
• Gilliam hits a cultist with his crossbow, alerting them. They frenetically charge the party.
• The cultists attack with acid slimed appendages in place of hands, and Alibaba and Harann both drop.
• The other two PCs mop up the cultists.
• Gilliam explores the chamber, discovers totally slimed quivering body, kills it.
• Discovers a bloated corpse, realizes it was a member of the Black Daggers thieves’ guild.
• Gilliam and Attana drag the two unconscious PCs out of the sewers.


Glitch Glitch

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