Session Four

  • Gilmesh, Tyos, and Vaquil were present for this session.
  • Sil-gah, the elderly drow from the Flooded Keg approaches Tyos about joining the Enlightened Shadow, a group of drow who seek to improve the acceptance of the drow on the surface world.
  • Turin calls Vaquil into his office in the Flooded Keg, the room is decorated with many exotic blade weapons. He tells Vaquil that he and his friends are now targets of the Nostromo crime family. He also discloses that he, Turin, is a member of the Black Daggers thieves’ guild. The Black Daggers will protect Vaquil and his friends if they agree to rescue Kethra, an eladrin noble. She was kidnapped by the Nostromos and is being held in Castle Ironskin.
  • Vaquil has a dream sent to him by his archfey patron. She want him to neutralize some wizards from Grollace who have entered Wetbank and are residing in a fortified manor just outside town.
  • Tyos accompanies Sil-gah, performing, as part of the Enlightened Shadow ministrations, for four days of downtime. After much bad luck, he experiences one day of success and increases his Renown with that group.
  • The party outfits itself and then heads out, ostensibly toward Castle Ironskin two days away, but Vaquil directs them instead toward the fortified manor from his dream.
  • The party passes through the Wetbank graveyard, and the Pit of Despair, where the bodies of those too poor to pay for a funeral are thrown. They are stopped by a member of the gravediggers’ guild, who mistakes them for a group of adventurers sent to help the guild with an embarrassing problem.
  • Vaquil seeks to split from the group, but is spotted by Gilmesh who follows him into the woods, so they can relieve themselves. Tyos lets the gravedigger lead him into the gloomy, stone guildhall.
  • The guildmaster describes the problem to Tyos, someone has been robbing recent graves. They strike at sporadic sections of the graveyard, every few nights. Tyos asks to be taken the the most recently plundered grave.
  • There is he joined again by Gilmesh and a reluctant Vaquil. Investigating the grave, Tyos discovers a ripped open coffin, and an ogre fingernail.
  • Vaquil half-heartedly tracks the graverobbers’ trail, and the party follows it a day’s march north, into an area for foggy hills. It finally ends at the entrance to a burial mound of the Olde Kings.
  • Tyos eases their mule and cart into the burial mound and the party begins exploring, following the large tracks inside.
  • They wind their way through snaking passages in the rank tunnels, and the tracks lead to a dead end.
  • Just as Tyos starts to explore, they party is attacked by 4 zombies that rise up and shamble forth from the end of the darkened tunnel dead end.
  • The battle is long and hard, one of the zombies is particularly resilient, continuing to fight even after its head is nearly decapitated.
  • A swarm of scorpions descends on the combatants, downing one of the two remaining zombies, and Gilmesh finally puts down the last undead.
  • The wounded adventures make their way back out of the burial mound for a short rest.
  • They venture back in, this time taking the right passage instead of the left one. They soon come upon a large pit containing a giant spider on a web. They are also ambushed by 3 smaller giant wolf spiders, its brood.
  • One of the giant wolf spiders scuttles back to the entrance, biting and poisoning the party’s faithful mule, which collapses in pain braying, and shortly perishes.
  • They battle is deadly, and eventually Tyos is killed outright by a massive injection of poison.
  • Gilmesh remains engaged with the immobile giant spider in the web, trading attacks, while Vaquil tries to defeat the remaining giant wolf spider.
  • The giant wolf spider bites Vaquil, but his Armor of Agathys causes the spider to explode in frozen shards. Unfortunately, the poison bite takes hold and Vaquil drops to the ground.
  • Gilmsh is the last man standing, and he stubbornly continues to trade blows with the massive giant spider. In short order, he is felled by the creatures mandibles, and then killed as the spider begins to feed.
  • Vaquil manages to hang onto life – but wakes up on a pile of filthy rugs in an ogre’s den. The ogre asks him if he’s working for Delilah. Vaquil does some smooth talking, convincing the not-too-bright ogre that he is not a threat. The ogre agrees to let him live if Vaquil gives him all of this stuff. Vaquil has little choice.
  • The ogre drags an unencumbered Vaquil out of the burial mound, telling him that he’d better not agree to do any work for Delilah, that would be infringing on his job.
  • Vaquil notices that the ogre neglected to examine the party’s cart, still standing just inside the burial mound entrance. He takes a risk and re-enters the mound, retrieving some gear from the cart, then begins the long haul alone back to Wetbank. He wonders how he’ll explain the loss of his arcane focus to his patron.


Glitch Glitch

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